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One of the largest bookstores in Serbia.

The Delfi bookstore chain opened its first bookstore in 2009 in Belgrade with the desire to offer an alternative to the existing standards in the domestic bookstore. Our sincere dedication to this goal has resulted in the fact that today the Delfi chain has 43 bookstores at prestigious addresses in cities throughout Serbia, two gift shops in Belgrade, over 80,000 titles from domestic and foreign publishers, a lavish gift program, multimedia and video games. We are dedicated to profiled book lovers, so we offer comics, manga, board games, books in foreign languages, collectibles and replicas. And for those who are looking for other media or gifts in addition to books, you can find gift vouchers in all our bookstores, and you can also buy vinyl records in the two main Belgrade bookstores, in Knez Mihailova Street and in SKC. We also sell tickets for all events in Serbia.


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